In this video we sit down with Zita to talk about her journey with the nutrition coaching program.

Zita’s story is unique for a few reasons. She’s a business owner, and she’s a mom of 5. So she has a lot of responsibilities on her plate.

Her story is also unique because when we were transitioning to real whole food she felt better but her weight didn’t budge as much. However, as soon as we did the Whole30 with Zita her weight started dropping much more rapidly and her energy and endurance were way better. A lot of her old clothes are sliding off, and people have noticed.

Zita said the biggest thing for her that she learned from the program was how to be in control of food instead of food controlling her.

When all was said and done Zita:
-Lost 18lbs total
-Even more impressive 16.2 of those 18lbs were pure fat
-She kept her muscle mass almost exactly the same throughout the entire program (not easy to do when you’re losing weight)

Zita we’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished! Keep up the great work!

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