We can help you make the most of your Whole30 experience, and, more importantly, help you successfully transition from your Whole30 to Food Freedom Forever.

Without feeling like you’re unprepared for the Whole30, and don’t know what to do once the Whole30 is over.

So often people overestimate how hard 
change is going to be, and they underestimate how

they'll feel.

What is the Whole30?

The Whole30 is designed to change your life in 30 days—but it’s not a diet, a detox, or a weight loss program. Think of it as a short-term reset, created to help you curb your cravings and bad habits, boost your metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and calm your immune system.

The premise is simple: Certain food groups—even the “healthy” stuff—could be having a negative impact on your physical and mental health without you even realizing it. Are your energy levels inconsistent or non-existent? Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up without hitting snooze? Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by over-use or injury? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have some sort of condition (like skin issues, migraines, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies, or anxiety) that persists despite creams, pills, or doctor’s visits? 

If any of that rings true, you probably DO have things in your diet keeping you from looking, feeling, and performing as well as you could. But how do you know if these foods are having a sneaky negative impact? Do exactly what I did, and get rid of them for 30 days. Eliminate craving-inducing, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disturbing, inflammatory food groups for 30 straight days and see what your life, body, and self-confidence could look like. Push the “reset” button and let your body start to heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. Conduct your own self-experiment, and learn how the foods you’ve been eating are impacting how you look, how you feel, and your quality of life.

For a full 30 days, you’ll completely eliminate the foods that the scientific literature and our clinical experience have deemed the most commonly problematic in one of four areas—your cravings, metabolism, digestion, and immune system. During the elimination period, you’ll experience what life is like without these commonly problematic triggers while paying careful attention to improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, mood, cravings, focus, anxiety, self-confidence, chronic pain or fatigue, athletic performance and recovery, and any number of other symptoms or medical conditions. This elimination period will leave you with a new “normal”—a healthy baseline where, in all likelihood, you will look, feel, and live better than you ever imagined you could.

At the end of the 30 days, you then carefully and systematically reintroduce those foods you’ve been missing, again paying attention to any changes in your health, habits, or mindset. Do your two p.m. energy slumps return? Does your stomach bloat? Does your face break out, your joints swell, your pain return? Does your Sugar Dragon rear his ugly head? The reintroduction period teaches you how specific foods are having a negative impact on you, and which foods are making you look and feel less than your best.

Put it all together, and for the first time in your life, you’ll have the tools you need to create the perfect diet for YOU. You’ll be able to eliminate the specific foods that just aren’t serving you, and level up your quality of life forever. More important, you’ll know when, how often, and in what amount you can include the problematic-but-still-worth-it foods in your diet in a way that feels balanced and sustainable, but still keeps you looking and feeling as awesome as you now know you can look and feel.

The words so many Whole30 participants use to describe this place? “Food Freedom.”

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What makes our approach to the Whole30 and healthy nutrition different?

  • Put simply many people try to “white-knuckle” the Whole30 and treat as just another fad diet or cleanse when it is not.
  • The goal of the Whole30 is NOT just completion of the Whole30.
  • The Whole30 is meant to be a stepping stone to Food Freedom Forever, where you’re in control of your food choices long-term not the other way around.
  • Trying to do the Whole30 without a plan leading up to it and a plan leading out of it usually leads to poor results both before, during, and after the Whole30
  • We want to teach people the skills they need to not just do the Whole30 but to achieve Food Freedom Forever after the Whole30 is done.

Sabrina's Story

So you’ve hit a plateau with your weight loss goals. It happens - when it happens, you’ve got to make some changes, but how do you know which changes are the right ones to make? 

Sabrina had already did an amazing job losing some weight on her own before she started nutrition coaching with us. She was finishing her PhD in physics at Notre Dame and had hit a plateau. Sabrina was looking for something to help her create healthy habits that lasted for the rest of her life.

During the space of a year, Sabrina

-Lost about 100lbs

-Gained better energy throughout the day

-Got strict pull ups

-Kept her muscle constant through it all

Sabrina put in the hard work, and she deserves all of the amazing results she got from it!

Marlo's Story

Confused about what to eat and when to eat it? Not sure what really is healthy for you? With all of the misinformation out there it’s hard to determine what it is YOU need to reach YOUR goals. 

Marlo came to us eating what she thought was healthy, we were able to work together to make better food choices that she enjoyed - and helped her get the results she wanted.

Working with us, Marlo

-Lost 35lbs

-Kept her lean muscle mass

-Lost 12.5% body fat, 5.5 inches off hips , AND 3.5 inches off of her waist

But she also gained so much more than that:

-She gained control over her food choices, is in a better mood, looks forward to activities with friends,


She needs to get a completely new wardrobe (in a good way!)

Marlo has been one of the most disciplined people I've ever worked with, and I'm so proud of her and her progress. Keep up the great work Marlo!

Jesús Story

Too busy to eat healthy? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. However, if you never make the time to eat healthy or find someone to coach you through it, nothing will ever change. 

During our one-on-one healthy eating program Jesús was traveling 70% of the time, had a job that involved taking people out for dinner and drinks (a lot,) and didn’t work out much at all.

During our program Jesús also 

-Lost 26lbs in 3months 

-Lost 6.5 inches off his waist

-Lost 2.5 inches off his hips

-Dropped 9% body fat in 3 months all while maintaining muscle mass (which is hard to do.)

Jesús found victories off the scale as well. Just from changing his diet Jesús noticed that he was not sore anymore when snowboarding, his skin improved, and his digestion was way better. 

But first...

Who am I and why should you care what I have to say?

  • My name is Robby Gustin. I'm a certified Whole30 coach and head nutrition coach at CrossFit South Bend.
  • For most of my adult life I was 60-70lbs overweight and addicted to processed foods, so I know what’s it’s like to struggle with being overweight and food addictions
  • While in grad school I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder, and eating healthy real whole food, like the Whole30 teaches, was instrumental in me getting back to optimal health
  • Dealing with being overweight for years and healing from Graves’ disease inspired me to switch careers from academia to health and wellness so I could help other people reclaim optimal health
  • I’ve done at least 10 Whole30s at this point.  So, I have lots of personal experience with the Whole30. Furthermore, the way I eat the most of the year is 80-90% Whole30 foods.
  • I’ve been helping people achieve Food Freedom with the the Whole30 since 2012. At this point, I’ve coached hundreds of people through the Whole30, and I have solutions for just about every major sticking point people can run into in the Whole30.


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"The Whole 30

was not just about weight loss for me, it was finding a new and improved relationship with food and catalyzing a positive impact on my family. As I bragged bout how great I felt and my family seeing the results, the more their natural curiosity grew. The questions came and I was able to share what I learned about nutrition and health. Coming from a traditional Mexican household the conversation was open to enhance cherished recipes with optimal ingredients and our mindsets on nutrition and overall health have changed for the better. Ultimately, when we talk about non-scale victories, this lasting impact on generations to come, is by the far the most significant. "


Working with me

What to expect

  • I believe consistency and gradual progress are far more important than perfection. A big part of all of our programs is giving people the tools and the habits they need to succeed with healthy eating in general.
  • In our program we gradually build up the amount of Whole30 meals you’re eating each week WHILE we’re developing important food habits like dealing with cravings, eating out at restaurants, planning a week worth of meals, dealing with peer pressure, etc.
  • During the Whole30, we strictly follow the rules of the Whole30 with no exceptions.
  • However, before and after the Whole30 we are more open and flexible food-wise depending on what each person needs
  • Remember, the Whole30 is just one month out of your life, and long-term it may be something you do at most once a year.
  • What about the other 11 months of the year?
  • You need to have a plan for what to do for the rest of your life once the Whole30 is over. That’s where Food Freedom Forever and CFSB Nutrition coaching comes in.
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January 2020 Whole30 Seminar

$30 1 day
  • Free InBody Scan ($50 value)
  • Learn how to prepare for the Whole30
  • Learn how make your Whole30 as successful as possible
  • Get the tools you need to transition from the Whole30 to Food Freedom Forever
  • Exclusive one-time only discounts on our nutrition class and one-on-one coaching for seminar attendees
  • Free 30min goal session with head nutrition coach Robby Gustin

CFSB Nutrition Class Membership

$75 Per Month
  • Weekly In-Person Classes from 12:30-1:15pm at CrossFit South Bend
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions, share recipes, etc.
  • Digital Access to All Class Recordings
  • Answers to all your questions both in class and via private Facebook group
  • 25% off class compared to a la carte nutrition class pricing
  • Free Access to our 3hr Whole30 seminar on 1.11.20 from 1-4pm ($30 value)

3-Month One-on-One Coaching

$349 per Month
  • Weekly Food Journal Review
  • Includes preparation for the Whole30, Whole30 coaching, and transition from Whole30 to Food Freedom Forever
  • Monthly One-on-One Meetings with InBody Scan, Measurements, and Pictures ($50 value)
  • Free access to our new weekly CFSB nutrition class for your entire program ($75/month value)
  • Can be accessed remotely for those who don’t live in the area
  • Free Access to our 3hr Whole30 seminar on 1.11.20 from 1-4pm ($30 value)

6 Month One-on-One Coaching

$299 per Month
  • Weekly Food Journal Review
  • Includes preparation for the Whole30, Whole30 coaching, and transition from Whole30 to Food Freedom Forever
  • Monthly One-on-One Meetings with InBody Scan, Measurements, and Pictures ($50 value)
  • Free access to our new weekly CFSB nutrition class for your entire program ($75/month value)
  • Can be accessed remotely for those who don’t live in the area
  • Free Access to our 3hr Whole30 seminar on 1.11.20 from 1-4pm ($30 value)

CFSB Nutrition

3927 North Home Street
Mishawaka, IN 46545

CFSB Nutrition is located in Mishawaka, IN (near University of Notre Dame).

We do in-person coaching with Michiana residents.
However, we also do remote coaching as well across the country via phone/Skype.