In this interview we sit down with Coach Mike to talk about his thoughts on healthy eating.

This video is definitely bittersweet because Mike and his wife Carm, who we very much enjoyed having at the gym, recently moved away. Luckily, we were able to film this video before he moved away. Mike:

-is a high-level ultimate frisbee athlete and he talks with us about different nutritional aspects of his sport
-works a 9-5 job outside of a gym setting where eating healthy wasn't always as easy as it would be working in a gym setting

In this video Mike tells us:
-What eating was like for him growing up
-His personal evolution when it comes to healthy eating
-What he currently eats on a daily basis with concrete examples
--What he's learned from years of being an ultimate Frisbee athlete
-What his favorite off-plan foods are
-His favorite special occasions to eat off-plan food.

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