"There's literally a taco bell in the building across from my office. I have not been there in months"-Sabrina

In this video we sit down with Sabrina to discuss her journey with the nutrition coaching program.

In the space of a year she:

-Lost about 100lbs

-Lost over 15% body fat

-Kept her muscle constant throughout the process

-gained better energy throughout the day

-got toes to bar and a strict pull-up on the CrossFit side of things

Sabrina's story is interesting for a number of reasons. At the time of the filming of this video she was finishing up her PhD in physics at Notre Dame.

She also managed to lose over 50% of that 100lbs weight loss on completely on her own before we started nutrition coaching.

When she decided to the CFSB Nutrition coaching program she was just looking to break through a plateau and to learn these healthy habits to be able to do them for the rest of her life.

We were able to make some changes to her, already good, diet that yielded an additional 20lbs of weight loss.

Sabrina's a really good example of how someone can still benefit from one-on-one nutrition coaching even if they've already lost a significant amount of weight on their own.

Sabrina put in the hard work, and she deserves all the benefits of that work.

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