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We're CFSB Nutrition

We help people get healthy and stay healthy, naturally. Whether you're looking to eat healthy long-term, optimize your hormonal health, or looking to lower body fat or increase muscle mass with nutrition we have a program for you. 

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Whole 30 Coach

Want to try the Whole30 but worried you're not ready? We help people develop the habits necessary to not only complete a Whole30 but stay healthy for the rest of their lives once they're done. We believe in a health first approach to healthy eating that uses real whole food to help you feel and look your best.

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of disease instead of treating symptoms. Using functional lab work, we identify healing opportunities and engage each client in a health building process using the potent, proven, professional protocols in our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® program. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements. This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. We don’t medicate, we educate!


InBody Scanning

Want to know what you're made of? An InBody test can tell what you're made of with incredible detail. It tells you your optimal weight for your height, your muscle mass, your body fat percentage, how much weight you need to lose or gain, calorie needs, and protein needs. Whether you're just looking to get back in shape or an athlete trying to optimize body composition the InBody can give you the information you need to reach your body composition goals.

Let us help you get well, and stay well--naturally.

Jesus Story-Saying No to a $68 shot of Bourbon

By Robby Gustin | August 1, 2018

In this video we sit down with Jes?s. Jes?s did an amazing job with our one-on-one healthy eating program. -He lost 26lbs in 3months -He lost 6.5 inches off his waist -He lost 2.5 inches off his hips -He dropped 9% body fat in 3 months all while maintaining muscle mass which is hard to…

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Are you under-eating?

By Robby Gustin | July 25, 2018

Is eating less always a good thing? Put simply, no. Because we live in a society of overweight people and excess processed food consumption, we tend to think the less you eat the better. But, more often than not, I’ll see people under-eating relative to what they need, and it’s sabotaging their weight loss and…

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What do CFSB Coaches Eat?-Mitch’s Story

By Robby Gustin | July 18, 2018

In this video we sit down with coach Mitch to talk with him about what he normally eats, his relationship with food, and his advice for those trying to change their dietary habits for the better. Mitch’s story is unique for a number of reasons: -He’s a member of CFSB’s full-time coaching staff -He recently…

Is alcohol healthy?

By Robby Gustin | July 11, 2018

In this video we discuss alcohol and whether alcohol has any place as part of a healthy way of eating. One way to answer that question it to look?at alcohol is in terms of nutrients, blood sugar balance, psychological addiction, etc. Viewed in that light there’s no such thing as a form of alcohol that…

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Carolyn’s Story-Down 40lbs in 4 months

By Robby Gustin | July 4, 2018

In this video we sit down with Carolyn and discuss her journey back to optimal health and weight. Carolyn is one the most committed people I’ve ever worked with. I can’t say enough good things about how well she did. She was nice enough to type up her reflections on her time doing one-on-one coaching,…

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