We're excited to officially announce the launch of our new CFSB Nutrition Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Athletic Performance Programs! In this video we discuss the main differences between our normal one-on-one nutrition coaching program and these new programs.

-While our regular nutrition program focuses mainly on overall health, these programs focus primarily on fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance. We still take health into consideration with these new programs, but that takes second place to body composition and athletic performance.

-In our regular nutrition coaching program we focus primarily on food quality and real whole food (i.e., quality protein, veggies, and healthy fats) while food quantity is a secondary concern. With these new programs for body composition and athletic performance food quantity is of primary importance. We need to know how many calories, grams of protein, grams of carbs, grams of fat, etc. you're consuming in order to achieve optimal fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance.

-In our regular nutrition coaching program we don't require tracking things like calories, carbs, etc., but with these programs it's a requirement of the program that someone track their food for the entire duration of the program in order to achieve optimal fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance

-Our normal nutrition coaching program is mainly for beginners who need the basics like knowing how to grocery shop, deal with cravings, and make healthy meals. However, these new programs are for people who are intermediate or advanced when it comes to their knowledge and implementation of healthy nutrition.

-In our normal nutrition coaching program we place less emphasis on scales for weighing, both food scales and regular bodyweight scales. However, with these new programs it's essential that someone is weighing and measuring their food, and that they are weighing measuring themselves on a fairly regular basis to maintain progress.

Interested in new these programs or our regular nutrition coaching programs you can schedule a free 30min consultation either remotely or in-person with the following link.



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