In this video we sit down with Jes?s. Jes?s did an amazing job with our one-on-one healthy eating program.

-He lost 26lbs in 3months
-He lost 6.5 inches off his waist
-He lost 2.5 inches off his hips
-He dropped 9% body fat in 3 months all while maintaining muscle mass which is hard to do.

He did all this while:
-While traveling 60-70% of the time
-While being involved in a job that involves taking people out for dinner and drinks A LOT
-While not really working out much at all
-Saying no to a $68 shot of Papi Bourbon while at one of his business dinners to stick with his goals

In terms of non-scale victories
-Just from changing his diet Jesus noticed that he was not sore at all when snowboarding whereas he used to be really sore.
-His skin also improved a lot. Used to have a lot of bumps on his biceps and triceps and now those are gone.
-Digestion was way better

Jes?s we’re so proud of your and all of your progress! Keep up the great work!

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