With the holidays coming up soon people sometimes wonder how they can balance eating healthy with having off-plan foods.

In this video we present a guide to nutritional off-roading that will help you through the holidays and the rest of the year.

Whether you should have off-plan food or not is entirely up to you, but we help you make that decision easier, by looking at the following 5 factors.

-What type of food are you eating? Artisanal pizza in Italy or Pizza Hut?

-What type of occasion is it? Your birthday or Arbor Day?

-How frequently is it happening? Monthly or Daily?

-What's your mindset? Joy/Meaning or Shame/Guilt?

-What happens after? Go back to healthy food immediately or keep eating off-plan food for weeks and months on end?

Here are a some concrete examples:

Better: Your absolute favorite pizza in the world, on your birthday, it's the only off-plan food that month, it brings joy and meaning to your life, and you get right back to healthy eating the next day.

Not so great: You scarf down candy from your drawer alone at your desk on a daily basis because you're stressed from work and you "deserve a reward", and this goes on continuosly for weeks and months.

Do you see the difference?

We hope this helps you navigate off-plan foods during the holiday season.

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