In this video we give you a brief overview of our upcoming CFSB Nutrition class leg by our very own Coach Megan.

The class will be launching January 2020 here at CrossFIT South Bend

We're super excited for this class for a number of reasons:

-First of all, coach Megan is an awesome teacher and coach!
-The class will allow you to connect with other like minded individuals in a friendly and supportive atmosphere
-It will allow you to share your healthy eating experience with people who have similar goals and journeys
-It's a way to connect person to person in our increasingly digital world
-You'll the science behind why you should eat healthy, but also important practical tips that allow you to fit it into your life
-Even if you're not ready for one-on-one nutrition coaching just yet or CrossFit this can be a great way to start with your health journey.

We hope you join us January for this exciting new class! Stay tuned as we get closer to January for more details.

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