In this video we talk about our new CFSB Nutrition Athletic Performance Program.

What's the central goal of this program? Athletic Performance.

How do we measure that? It depends on your sport/athletic activity, but usually with things like:

-More points scored
-Jumping higher
-Running faster
-Lifting more
-Doing your workout faster

What are the two most important nutritional aspects to keep in mind when trying to achieve these goals

#1 Eating enough calories. This is HUGE, and I see far too many people under-eating who want to perform. You need to eat enough to perform well.

#2 Getting the right macro split for your sport/athletic activity.

Even if you're eating an appropriate amount of calories, if you're a power lifter eating 400g a day of carbs and 100g a day of protein, we need to switch up those macros ASAP.

Vice versa, if you're trying to be a competitive CrossFit, MMA, or BJJ athlete and you're eating 50g of carbs a day we'll probably need switch that up to a higher carb intake.

Looking to optimize your nutrition for athletic performance? Feel free to DM/email us and we'll get in contact with you about setting up a free 30min goal consultation.

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