In this video we sit down to chat with Coach Chad to discuss his food choices: what he grew up eating, how he started eating healthy, what he eats now, his favorite off-plan foods, and his food advice for anyone with a crazy schedule like his.

This video is definitely a bit bittersweet because after a couple years of coaching at the gym, Chad is leaving his coaching role at the gym to further his career as a firefighter. I think I speak for everyone when I say he’ll definitely be missed. (I’m not crying, you’re crying)

We also had a special guest star, Chad’s dog Scout who told us about her food choices as well.

Chad has a very unique situation in that he is a firefighter and he’s going back to school. So in addition to having a crazy schedule he has a lot of commitments to keep up with, and through all that he’s still able to eat real whole food a lot of the time. He gave great advice in the video about how to juggle all those things.

Chad, we wish you all the best in the future!!


– Hey guys! Robby here from CrossFit South Bend today. I am here with Chad and I’m here with his awesome dog Scout, who is accompanying us today. So Chad, thanks so much for being with us today.

– Sure.

– So today, we are going to talk about food. So, the first question I want to ask is, what was food like for you growing up?

– So, growing up, it was all junk food. Kind of like, we ran around, every meal was from a box. Like, including cereal with water, you know. When we’d cook on our own. But, macaroni and cheese, you know, or we’d eat out every other night of the week. So, it was pretty unhealthy.

– Yep

– Yeah.

– And, when did you start to find out about, kind of, eating more healthy, and what was that journey like up to this point?

– So, when I joined the fire department, they told me I was way to skinny so, they said I was like 110 pounds, so, I was like okay, well I’m gonna start eating. And it was like I’m eating like Burger King and stuff like that. So, I started working out. And, I was like okay, I’m working out so maybe I should eat healthy. And then I was starting to eat healthy, and then I was like maybe I should stop smoking. And, kind of snow-balled this healthy lifestyle.

– And, what’s food like for you now? Tell us about like what you eat on a typical day, typical week, and then if you brought some stuff with you.

– So, I eat pretty plain. I call it bachelor chow. That’s pretty much like food mixed together. So, like today I have, this is like my Chipotle bachelor chow. So, she’s gonna try to go for that. So, I’ll always get a carb. So, cilantro rice, I made up. Cilantro lime rice. Some chicken, and then some veggies. I always want to throw in a veggie, whether that’s just having a spinach salad, before a meal or, I really don’t like veggies that much. I know that’s kind of taboo to say.

– That’s alright.

– But, I’ve got to get them in. So, I always have them in. So, I’ll throw like spinach in my eggs, or whatever. But, it’s pretty plain. It’s protein, carb, veggie.

– Yep.

– Yeah.

– So, one of the things I was thinking about, with this videos, I like to try highlight the unique aspects of each persons life. So, you are a firefighter, going to school, doing a bunch of different things. What tips and tricks have you kind of learned, you know time management, and cooking, and grab this on the go. What sort of things have you learned in the process eating healthy, while maintaining the schedule that you have?

– Definitely meal prep. For breakfast, when I’m at work I always make, like I’ll bring ingredients, for my lunch, it’s always prepared, already cooked, ready to go. ‘Cause our time between breakfast and lunch we could have a bunch of calls, so, that meal is always pre-made. Then dinner, I’ll bring ingredients and cook fresh, because I prefer not to eat reheated meals, but sometimes it’s just a necessity.

– Gotcha. Scout did you want to share your meal? That looks pretty gourmet.

– Oh, I’ll talk for you. So, here we have dog food, dry, I think it’s Purina One, large breed, she eats it every day, so she must like it. In fact, do you want to try some now? She loves it. See?

– she loves it. And she’s off camera

– Low bearer frenchy with dogs, it’s like, is it edible. Even then.

– For a while she had her own Instagram, And, I wanted to make her a foody, but since she’s a dog, it was the same picture every day of the same bowl, the same food. I don’t think people got it.

– Ya, pretty good guess. So, tell us about off plan food. What are your top, I don’t know, two-three, like holy-shit, I love this. You know, peanut butter, pizza, ice cream. Like what are your favorite off plan foods?

– Definitely, pizza, deep dish, Chicago style. Oh man, I’m in heaven. That, and then brownie ice cream, big time, for dessert. Every time.

– Any particular place you get for brownie ice cream?

– Well, what was that place we went to? Korachka’s?

– Yeah, that was pretty good.

– That was pretty darn good. I mean my blood sugar was like 400, but.

-That was after the insulin shot.

– Yeah. That was after three insulin shots, actually. Yeah.

– What are some special occasions? What are some times, for some people it’s like Thanksgiving, or their birthday, or what are special times you like to have special off time food.

– Usually the first day of my four day, is usually honestly like

– yeah it’s like okay, time to still, I don’t go hog-wild or anything like that. But, I might treat myself to dinner. I might have a burger with dinner, or a beer, or whatever.

– Gotcha. And, you know. Let’s say you were talking to someone who was you know, in a similar situation, going back to school, firefighter, just, you know, crazy shift work schedule. Like, what would you say to someone who has a similar schedule, where they’re trying to get healthy, but they don’t quite know what to do? What advice would you give, or what thoughts do you have, now having gone through that yourself?

– So, when it comes to food and really training, I want the least stress as possible.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– So, people will get out scales and measure, and I’ve done it too, measure food, and make sure I’ve this much carbs, this much protein. For me, it’s just eat real food, like try not to eat out of a box. And, if you’re shopping on the exterior of your supermarket, that’s where you’re gonna find the real food. And, if you stick to that, I think you’re gonna be doing pretty good. I mean if you are in a body building competition, then maybe dial in your macros, but for me, that’s really stressful, and I’m not doing any bodybuilding.

– Yep. No, couldn’t agree. clearly

– Well no, couldn’t agree more like, yeah, just eat real, whole, food, don’t stress out about it too much. Awesome. Well, thank you guys so much for joining us today.

– Thank you. Appreciate it.

– Alright guys, thanks so much for tuning in. See you guys next time.

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