In this interview we sit down with Coach Carl. For those of you who don’t know Carl here are a few facts about him.

-He is co-owner of CrossFit South Bend
-He is our head Strength and Conditioning Coach.
-He runs all our high school/college athlete programs
-He is a former Rugby athlete and current Rugby coach
-He is on staff with Power Athlete HQ (If you don’t know what that is, check it out. It is one of the top Strength and Conditioning programs out there)
-(As of the time of this posting) He just got married to his wife Emily.

In this video Carl tells us:
-What eating was like for him growing up
-His personal evolution when it comes to healthy eating
-What he currently eats on a daily basis with concrete examples
-What he’s learned from years of being a Rugby athlete and coach
-What his favorite off-plan foods are
-His favorite special occasions to eat off-plan food.

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