In this video, we talk about the three main body types, namely the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph. You may not be familiar with these terms but I’ll bet when I describe them you’ll recognize them.

Ectomorph-Typically tall and skinny. Can eat anything they want without gaining a pound. But on the flip side it’s hard to gain muscle.

Mesomorph-Naturally athletic. Rarely has to lose weight, but unlike the ectomorph can build muscle fairly easily.

Endomorph-Short, stocky, big-boned. Easily gains size, which is good for muscle gain, but bad for fat loss. Looks at a cake the wrong way and gains a pound.

The reason that the three of us did this video together is that each of us corresponds to the three main body types.

Brandon (green shirt)-Ectomorph
Carl (gray shirt)-Mesomorph
Robby (red shirt)-Endomorph

These categories of body types can give you some initial insight into which macros are better for you. For example, ectos tend to do better with carbs, whereas endos do not.

It can give you a sense of your natural strengths and weaknesses and which sports might be best suited to you. You’re not going to see many (any?) endomorphs in the NBA or as long-distance runners, but on the flip side it will be a cold day in hell before you see any ectos as football lineman or heavyweight powerlifters (for the most part).

These types aren’t set in stone, but they can give you extra insight into whether you’re going to have to expend way more energy to gain muscle (ecto) or lose fat (endo).

Here’s a great article on the subject:

Sorry that I’m kind of cut off visually in the video. But you guys probably see enough of me in these videos anyway 🙂

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