In this special Halloween 2018 edition of Amy’s Treat Corner Amy is joined by coach Megan and coach Kate to make some gluten-free halloween treats.

Megan makes a pumpkin molasses cookie, Kate makes a cinnamon cheesecake ball dip, and Amy makes a pumpkin pie milkshake.




– Hi everyone, this is Amy and I’m back for another special edition of Amy’s Treat Corner. This is going to be a Halloween, if you haven’t guessed it, but I’m here with two of our other coaches, Coach Meg and Coach Kate, and this is gonna be really fun. We have our wonderful fall train like a champion shirts designed by wonderful Chad. Let’s turn around, ladies. Let’s show ’em our wonderful sugar skulls in the back. Yeah, turn back. Okay. All right, so we are gonna make three different things for you today. So maybe you’re gonna have a Halloween party like we are gonna be doing. Where at, Meg? Where’s our party gonna be?

– My house.

– That’s right, weather permitting, at Meg Stack’s house on October 20th around 5:00 p.m. We’ll get out more details to you. But the cool thing about that, for our Crossfit South Bend members, if you’re planning a party, we have some special things that you can do. So one, Meg has brought to us is a pumpkin molasses cookie. Kate is going to be doing a cinnamon cheesecake ball dip. Yeah, that’s amazing. And I’m gonna do a pumpkin pie milkshake. So we kind of have a pumpkin cinnamon theme going on. So all right, Meg, let’s go get some yummy cookies!

– Okay.

– So we’re gonna to start off with softened butter, half a cup of softened butter and we’re gonna put that into our mixing bowl and we’re gonna add some sugar, it’s a half a cup of granulated sugar, it says organic cane sugar, basically granulated sugar, and 1/4 cup of light brown sugar. And so what you wanna do is you want to cream this. So I’m gonna get that going. I’m gonna talk louder. Sorry, but this is a little bit louder.

– It’s okay.

– I really just want this to mix well. You want to get the sugar mixed in with the butter really well, so you can’t really tell the difference between where the sugar is and where the butter is.

– That’s what the creaming effect means, right?

– Yes! So it seems kind of, people are like, creaming? It’s more than just mixing.

– Or maybe we could use a little bit from Kate’s witches hat here. Can you brew us some?

– Can you brew us something up? ‘Cause that would be fantastic.

– That would be good.

– Awesome, oh thanks. Okay, so once it’s nice and mixed together, we’re going to add the pumpkin, which is 1/3 cup of pumpkin. I just went to Fresh Thyme and I got organic pumpkin. It’s just plain pumpkin. Don’t get the pumpkin pie mix, ’cause it’s adding all the seasoning in it, so just the pumpkin. So 1/3 cup of that.

– And that’s a good tip, because sometimes people forget pumpkin pie mix and it does have all of the other seasoned stuff in it. You just want straight pumpkin.

– Yeah, you’re gonna have like double the seasoning if you add the pumpkin pie and that. With that then, we’re gonna add in our vanilla, it’s a teaspoon of vanilla. Just gonna put that in there. I’m just gonna eyeball it.

– Have you guys decided what you’re gonna be doing for Halloween yet?

– No, I haven’t been told what I’m– What am I doing or what am I wearing?

– I don’t know if I’m allowed to participate in Halloween any longer. I think my children are banning me from practice.

– That’s perfect.

– What? No, no, no. We do dinner with the neighbors. Otherwise they go out and they get ice cream, so I make food and I invite the neighbor people to come over, the parents, we get drinks, kids get candy. Win-win all around.

– The moms usually want the payout.

– A cup in our neighborhood with some type of mom beverage.

– Oh nice, and what was that thing? What was that you just put in?

– Thank you, so I put in the pumpkin and the vanilla and then the molasses, so molasses, basically another form of sugar. But it’s two tablespoons of molasses and I’m gonna spring to speed that up a little bit to get that nice and mixed.

– Perfect.

– I’m gonna turn off and I’m gonna scrape down and then, I got some molasses on here, so I’m just gonna wipe that off, but I’m going to scrape that down and then I’m going to add now I’m going to add two cups and I have this already put into the bowl so it’s two cups of flour. This is an all purpose gluten free flour I got mine, I got the redmills

– Perfect

– So there’s different things you can make depending on recipes there is almond meal flour, coconut flour, sorghum, rice all different kinds I just, for the sake of convince, got the gluten free general purpose.

– Good, I like the idea that you can throw different flour in. If you’re like me, I’m not afraid to actually throw different ingredients or flours together and if it fails, it fails, it’s just, you know.

– It’s sugar, flour, and butter

– I know

– Can it go that wrong?

– Find another way to make it up and make it good but know it can’t go wrong

– So I’m gonna add the flour, I have a teaspoon of baking soda and a little bit of salt. I just added my spices so there is cinnamon in there, there is ginger, nutmeg, clove and so that’s where that pumpkin spice pie spice, comes from I am a messy person, so

– Do you need a napkin

– Yes

– You can have another towel

– and so I’m just going to mix this up and I’m gonna get that nice and combined I guess really is the best. Once it’s combined you don’t want to like over mix it, you want to avoid that. Once I have that combined, and I notice it’s nice and thick hopefully and so what your going to do, I’m going to just take this off so that I can put that and so we are just going to take it and you’re supposed to make balls. Just put this into balls we’re going to roll this into a ball and I have a little bowl of just sugar granulated sugar and this is a little bit big of a ball but that’s okay, you can make your cookies however size, depends on many cookies you’re gonna let yourself have as to how big you make them. So you’re just going to roll these into balls, roll them in sugar

– I also have a cookie scooper thing

– Oh that would be smart, I’m not that fancy

– Uniform cookies

– I just roll it and what you would have done before you started this whole thing, which we did is start the oven to 350. And so you will start the oven to 350, prep that, roll all of your cookies into balls and put them in sugar and then kind of flatten them a little bit and we’re gonna stick it in the oven. It should be in the oven for about 10 minutes kind of keep and eye on it, if it looks like it’s still a little too doughy just kind of leave it in for an extra minute or so.

– They look yummy, well Meg we’ll let you finish rolling some balls out, pumpkin molasses cookies and we can actually kind of show that finished product here. They looks super yummy. I love pumpkin and you can always have fun with them everyone think about different creative ideas we were talking about maybe black licorice you can make them spiders or something like that.

– Oh yeah

– If you have for a kids party, and you want to do something fun even adults, I think we like to have fun too.

– Yeah, definitely.

– Well, while Meg is rolling out the rest of the cookies Kate is gonna talk about her cinnamon cheesecake ball dip.

– Yes, Kate does not bake, so this is the perfect treat for Kate to make. This is basically like five ingredients I’m gonna start with eight ounces of softened cream cheese. Put that in my bowl, and then I’m adding two tablespoons of sour cream.

– That’ll cut some of the sweetness too.

– Yup and then I’m going to just use my hand mixer to mix this up.

– Her hand mixer, we talk about we haven’t used hand mixers for a long time but they’re needed occasionally.

– Yeah, I find that it’d be hard to mix cream cheese without one.

– It would be, I’ve had to mix cream cheese by hand it’s got to be really soft or get the ones in the tub.

– Yeah.

– Here’s a tip, if you want softened cream cheese really, really fast, just go buy the tub one pay the extra 50 cents for it. That way it’s already nice and you can just stir it up really quickly.

– Alright, that is mixed pretty well and then I have four tablespoons of any natural sweetener. We are using date sugar.

– Date sugar

– But you can use coconut sugar, stevia, again, kind of anything,

– That’s a good idea.

– And I’m gonna mix a little bit more mix that in.

– Now, gonna turn a little bit more brown.

– It is going to turn a little more brown.

– Where did you find the date sugar?

– At Whole Foods actually they’re in with the regular coconut sugar and different other sugars.

– Alright, and then last oh yeah, vanilla, we’re gonna add about a tablespoon. We’re gonna just use the cap, one–

– I like to use the cap

– We like vanilla

– Here you go if you wanna wipe your fingers.

– Thank you

– I never measure, you’ve seen me treat corner too many times. I just like a cap, for every teaspoon full.

– You can’t go wrong, it’s gonna taste yummy. And then I have a tablespoon of cinnamon, which is kind of, It’s a lot so we are gonna try to carefully–

– This is carefully.

– add this. It does say carefully. So I’m gonna mix a little bit at a time and then add more.

– I can put those in the oven for you

– Oh yeah

– We’ll get this a fresh batch

– I’m gonna try to do this as I’m mixing.

– I’m pretty excited to find out, all of us coaches, we’re gonna dress up for Halloween. So stay tuned we’re gonna have a theme going here I’m gonna pull it together, we’re gonna make it work. It’s gonna be good.

– I’m excited

– I’m excited too I think we’re gonna have a fun time Kate that looks yummy.

– It smells really yummy too. So we’re just gonna all combine. we’re going to put this in our fancy pumpkin bowl.

– And we put apples with it today cause we already made pumpkin cookies so we did a fruit. But you could do–

– You could do gluten free graham crackers.

– Yeah, gluten free graham crackers would be an excellent thing. And you can double this recipe too if you have a bigger bowl. It’s whatever you want to do. Have fun with it just decorate and enjoy. Alright, So we made a cookie, we made a dip now we gotta have something to drink right?

– Yes

– I guess if you want to spike this up at all you’ll have to ask them. But I’m gonna do pumpkin pie milkshakes. So one of the first things I’m gonna add is Almond milk alright. Dairy free you could use coconut milk too, would be just fine. This is one cup and I usually get just the organic almond vanilla, I like almond vanilla unsweetened. So then I’m going to add about 3/4 cup, depending on how much you wanna make, of pumpkin puree. Again, just like you Meg, just the natural pumpkin there not pumpkin pie or anything like that then I have all my lovely spices in here cinnamon, and clove, and nutmeg. Which ever brand you like, I’m just the McCormick snob I guess I like them they’re pretty, that why I like them. So I just threw everything in here and I’m just gonna dump it all in. Two teaspoons of cinnamon a teaspoon of the other. And then the secret ingredient for sweetness is one table spoon of 100% pure, organic maple syrup or if you’re like me add two. This is my extra little kick because I like sweet.

– Sweet, yes. Alright, so how am I gonna make this thick? So my secret ingredient is frozen bananas. So if you guys got some bananas, lets say that are getting to the brink of going rotten and if you want to make them for banana bread you can do that but I do like to take bananas and cut them up. Just like little ice cubes and then throw them in here. I would say about a banana and a half to two bananas, it depends on how much you like it. So if you’re a person that does not like coconut milk, then don’t use coconut milk use a almond milk, if you don’t like the flavor of coconut in it use the almond. The banana is a nice flavor to pull away from some of that coconut if you like it. Alright, it’s gonna be loud for a second but I’m going to stir this up. I like the Ninja, I don’t have a Vitamix. Do you guys?

– I do

– You’ve got the Vitamix Robby’s filming, Rob do you have a Vitamix?

– [Robbie] No, I don’t.

– No, Oh little Ninja quick thing here going. And then you can see this, depending on your consistency and thickness you can see right here. First, let me grab a spoon. Okay, see it’s a thicker one I can add more bananas to it to even make it thicker. That’s one thing I like about these they just go in and out really quickly

– Yeah it smart that you cut up your bananas before you freeze them.

– Yes. I was noticing that as well.

– I did not make that smart choice once.

– I have done it before where, I have put a regular, you know froze the banana in the regular peel and it is a pain to try it.

– Yeah same, I would just put it in, the whole banana–

– I did put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to defrost it really quick and then it actually turned out okay. This will make it a little thicker, you can always add ice cubes to this once again, if you wanted to make this more of an adult drink, I think you could.

– I think you could also.

– Definitely!

– Meg, hand me the cups there and then I can dish this out.

– [Megan] Do you want all three of them?

– Oh we get to try it.

– Oh we do get to try it.

– So that’s the fun part about this, so as you see I added more banana and it definitely thickened that up. It’s going to be a ratio to your milk and puree mixture. Like I said have fun with it if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you want it keep adding stuff to it. You know, have fun with it so one last thing to top it off guys. Heavy whipping cream! You know what I thought as I was making this? I needed to invent like cinnamon straws.

– Oh yes

– Cinnamon straw would have been good.

– You could sip all of the cinnamon

– I thought the same thing. Sprinkle some cinnamon on it here and you guys, I think it’s gonna be so good I cheated I already had one today. Hey, it was after coaching this morning. Here you go, you take yours, you take yours Cheers to each other Happy Halloween!

– [All] Happy Halloween! We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Amy’s Treat Corner.

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